Baseerah Institute

Aims & Objectives:

The prime objective is to acquire Allah's pleasure and success in the hereafter by fulfilling today's most important religious duty which is "ESTABLISHMENT OF ISLAM ACROSS ALL TIERS OF SOCIETY"

It is intended to provide a platform to an individual through which he can work to his maximum limit to fulfill this duty:

  • By concentrating on this mission,
  • Abstaining oneself from pride,
  • In compliance to the trends of present era,
  • Prioritizing his akhirah over worldly success.

it is a monumental and grand task, consequently, institute cannot surround all facets. Our targeted aspect will be explained in Goals.


  • Providing basic Islamic education to general public, distinctively to literate segment of society, even to be more specific to the younger section, so that they not only become aware of their religious duties, but they must also be provided absolute cooperation to execute their duties along nurturing Eman in them. Therefore, it is desired to prepare such Daee in large number who can propagate basic dawah of Quran e Hakeem to people with preeminence.
  • To arrange gradational advance courses for those people who want to progress from basic Islamic knowledge, till the extent that we provide them teachers and study opportunities of highest level. Thus, it is one of the goals to train significant number of teachers who can serve in different levels of these courses.
  • To present message of Quran on national level, to the scholars, to heads of important organizations, to professors of colleges and universities and to other learned people. Therefore, it is part of the plan to train extremely proficient Daee for this purpose.
  • To combat objections on Islamic revolutionary paradigm, knowledgeably, on the other hand to nullify these objections on national level, which have shaken people's conviction, so that hurdles can be removed from the path of Eman. so, it is part of the manifesto to train researchers for this goal and to give them an environment where they can work collectively.