Baseerah Institute


Baseerah Institute is an educational organization that aims to promote the teachings of Islam in a way that enables us to find solutions to the problems and challenges of modern era, with full cognizance of the needs of the present times, in the light of Islam. Moreover, the Institute will also work on imparting the worldly knowledge that empowers the Muslims to distinguish right from wrong. The direct consequence of which will be educated practicing Muslims having confidence in the truth of Islam with full conviction of both, heart and mind.

Baseerah is an educational forum set on modern lines with its primary target being the youth; people who have got contemporary education and are keen to understand Islam. The institute will strive to provide from basic Islamic education to highest levels of learning in the field of Islam. These youngsters will not only be able to take care of their worldly duties but they will also be able to diligently perform their religious responsibilities.

According to Quran the purpose of creation of mankind is to worship Allah. To acquire proper devotion and knowledge of right path to worship, it is necessary to have true knowledge of His divine existence. This can be understood by His Holy scripture which is the original, most authentic and the indisputable source of this knowledge. Therefore, Baseerah Institute will strive to spread the teachings of Quran at all levels such that, from an ordinary person to a highly educated one and to the top brains of the society. The message of Quran will be made available to the level of everyone’s intellect. The studies of Quran also include the teachings of Sunnah, Hadith, Fiqh and other Islamic subjects as they are elucidations or explanations of the Quran.

Furthermore, the aim of Baseerah Institute is also to provide a platform for contemporary education where the modern knowledge is scrutinized, harmonized, and compatibilized with the Islamic foundations. Through the transfer of this knowledge a new generation of practicing Muslims having good moral values and character can be raised. In this manner, we hope to save our next generations from sacrificing their hereafter for the temporary gain of this life.

Baseerah Institute is not only free of all kinds of schism and sectarian prejudice but also looks forward to providing a platform where moderate scholars from all schools of thoughts can work together and an environment of affection, harmony and unity can be created.

“The crux of all these efforts of Baseerah Institute is to prepare people who take part in the efforts of establishing Islamic system in all aspects of public and private life, to please Allah and attain ultimate bliss.”