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مَنۡ اَنۡصَارِىۡۤ اِلَى اللّٰهِ‌ؕ

Permanent members

Institute will be the prime priority of these members. However, they can work for any other organization, after permission, in their surplus time.

They will serve the institute with their time and capabilities additional to their financial and social responsibilities.

Members who decide to give up their financial struggle and work for institute full time will be compensated reasonably given the institute can afford it.

Only these members will be included in the internal advisory board. Permanent membership is not mandatory for external advisory board members.

Maintenance of discipline will be strictly expected from these members.

Creating opportunities for thought refinement, practical application and knowledge base expansion of such individuals will be institute’s responsibility.

To retain the membership of the institute these individuals must meet the expected competence.

The institute will not nominate any individual for this membership; however, if an individual presents himself, the institute will have the right to accept or reject his application. If the application is accepted the member will have to go through a trial period to prove his competence.

Note: To become a permanent member one will have to contact the institutes members.

Temporary members

These members will have an association for a specific task, fixed hours and predefined time period. They will be bound by an agreement. On completion of their agreement term they will be free to leave or extend their agreement time period. So, these individuals will be a part of the institute only for what they have already agreed upon for example taking the responsibility of teaching a particular subject with or without compensation.

Note: Individuals willing to become temporary members can fill the form stating their capabilities and availability and submit it to the institute.

Contributing Members

These members will be ethically bound to contribute a specific amount, from their lawful earnings, on monthly basis. Institute will plan the finances for its regular ventures based on these contributions.

Note: Willing individuals can fill a brief form and submit it to institute’s volunteers.


These individuals will be called, from time to time as helping hands for different tasks, as per the need by the institute. They will be free to join or apologize as they will not be regular members of the institute.

Note: Willing individuals can fill a brief form and submit to institute’s volunteers.

Financial helpers

These individuals will be making financial contributions to the institute from time to time. Whenever the institute will be planning a fundraiser it will inform these members and they can contribute as per their capacity.


Other than aforementioned members, if need be, services of formal employees can be acquired..

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