Baseerah Begins

Nauman Wajid Aziz starts thinking of establishing a new Institute for Islamic Education with a vision to bring Islamic Revolution through Education.


Rallying Up

After many consultations and advises, a final rallying up session of like minded people convened to present broad scope and aim of Baseerah.


Baseerah Dream Launches

During Holy month of Ramadan, Foundation stone of Baseerah Institute was laid. First campus in Rawalpindi established which started working immediately.


Al Fatiha - 7 Verses, 7 Hours

1st workshop organized by Baseerah for general public to explore hidden treasures of Surah Al Fatiha


Baseerah Inspiration

Short courses named Baseerah Inspiration started. Baseerah Inspiration is a 50 days short course for the beginners of Islamic Knowledge. Classes are held 5 days a week from Monday to Friday.


Baseerah Inspiration and Journey through Quran

2nd Baseerah Inspiration and 1st Journey through Quran course started. These are 50 and 60 days courses respectively, aimed at understanding message of Quran. These courses have become a regular feature of Baseerah Institute.


Journey through Quran with Taraweeh Prayer

Journey through Quran course started in Holy month of Ramadan. This course commonly known as Daura e Quran provided opportunity to understand Quran during nights of Ramadan.


Baseerah Essentials

1st Baseerah Essentials course launched in Rawalpindi. It is a 10 month course giving basic understanding of all disciplines of Islamic Education.


Baseerah Ittiqan

1st Baseerah Ittiqan course launched for those who had attained Baseerah Essentials level qualification from other institutes.


Baseerah Inspiration Center

Baseerah Inspiration center launched in Bahria Town. Short courses, workshops and special lectures conducted in this center.


Baseerah Islamabad Chapter

Encouraged by its experience in Rawalpindi, Baseerah Institute launched its 2nd campus in Islamabad to pursue its vision of expansion as an Islamic Institute with Modern Approach.


Courses in Baseerah Islamabad Campus

Journey throuugh the Quran and Baseerah Essentials courses started in Islamabad.


Baseerah Workshop Series

Workshops titled, Al Fatiha - 7 verses, 7 Hours, Signs of the Day of Judgement, Death and Beyond conducted for general public.


Fehm e Islam Course

10 Days Fehm e Islam course started in Islamabad and Raawalpindi for general public.


Baseerah Essentials and Ittiqan

Baseerah Essentials and Ittiqan courses started in Islamabad and Raawalpindi for general public.


Rawalpindi Campus Expands

Rawalpindi Campus shifts to new location in same vicinity to accomodate increasing number of students.