Course Info:

This is a 10 months comprehensive course that is scholarly and knowledge oriented. The students who successfully pass Baseerah Essentials are eligible to take part in this course. Classes will be held 5 days a week from Monday to Friday. Normally 3 to 4 classes will be conducted each day. Total studying time each day will be 3 hours and 30 minutes.


This is the next level course for those who successfully pass the Baseerah Essentials and they want to understand Quran and Islam in more depth. Itqaan will provide these students with the strong foundations to start the in-depth study of Islam. This course will enable students to be able to teach in Baseerah Essentials with confidence as well as conviction. In summary Baseerah Itqaan makes them capable of understanding the principals of what they studied in Baseerah Essentials.


  • Tajweed ul Quran [Practice from 2nd to 6th Hizb of Quran. Hifz of 28th and 29th Para of Quran]
  • Translation of Quran [Memorization of Word to Word Translation of from 2nd to 6th Hizb of Quran]
  • Usool-ut-Tafseer [Principals of Interpretation of Quran, History of Principals of Interpretation, Important Interpreters and their Interpretations of Quran]
  • Tafseerul Quraan [Full study of interpretation of Quran in the light of Urdu interpretations]
  • Usool-ul-Hadith [Basic study of Principals of Hadith, History of Hadith, Introduction of important Books of Hadith and Muhadiseen, Answers to the objections on Hadith]
  • Study of Hadith [Study of Riaz-us-Saliheen Hadith 251 to end]
  • Arabic Grammar and Language [Advanced Arabic Grammar, Study of Arabic language and literature, Arabic speaking]
  • Usool-ul-Fiqh [Study of all basic Principals of Fiqh and Islamic Jurisprudence, Compilation and evolution of Fiqh, Introduction to important books and Jurists, Introduction to different schools of thought]
  • Fiqh [Study of important chapters of fiqh like the book of trade, book of inheritance, book of governance]
  • Grammatical analysis of Quran [For in depth understanding of Quran detailed grammatical analysis of 100 aayat]
  • History of Khulafa-e-Rashideen [Study of the lives and achievements of four Rightly Guided Caliphs]
  • Al-Fikar Al-Islami [Study of selected texts written in past century by great scholars of Muslim Ummah on the ideology of Islam and practical guidance for current time according to Islam]
  • Special Lectures [Special lectures by guest speakers on various topics]

Eligibility Criteria: